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Our Services

We can help you with nearly all vehicle damage aspects of insurance claims. The three primary services people seek from us are:


Dimunition in Value

Even if the repairs to your vehicle made it look as good as new, chances are that it is not worth as much as it was just prior to the collision. That is because few people are willing to pay as much for a vehicle that has been in an accident.


Undervalued Total Loss Settlement

Insurance companies frequently undervalue total loss settlements and people often accept such settlements because they under pressure to purchase a replacement vehicle. Even if you accepted a low settlement, you might still have a valid claim for the difference.  


Loss of Use

When your vehicle is damaged you usually incur the loss of its use and the law entitles you to be compensated for that loss of use, even if you do not rent a vehicle or incur any substitute transportation expenses. In fact, even if your insurer or the insurer of the responsible person provided you with a rental, unless that rental was comparable to your damage vehicle and unless it was provided to you for the entire period that your vehicle was unavailable, you may still have a claim for excess loss of use.

We don't have any surprise or extra costs so you'll know everything you need to upfront.