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Let's Make Sure You Get Paid Fairly

Whether your vehicle is repaired or totaled, chances are you will be, or were, under-compensated. When you submit a request for a Free Evaluation, Mike will review it quickly and provide you with the advice you need to navigate the complex process of being fairly compensated.

Mike's advice is free and he will offer paid services only if there is a clear-cut cost benefit for you, which will be carefully explained.

Even if a paid service is not right for you, the free advice you receive is more than worth the small effort of requesting a Free Evaluation.

How it works

Give us details

Fill out our simple form and upload the requested documents.

Free Advice

Get free advice as to how best to navigate the claim process, about whether you are being fairly compensated and potential approaches to being fully compensated.

Recover Under or Uncompensated Damages

If you are not being fairly compensated, receive recommendations as to how to recover the money you deserve, including referral to a qualified attorney, should that become necessary.

Customer Testimonials


Thank you so much for all the work that you and your team did! That is so great to recover that much money. Resale Recovery made everything very easy for me and I'll be referring anyone I know who was in an accident to you.

Mike Tappen


We were surprised that your service existed and pleasantly surprised with the outcome!!

Janet Blain


Thank you to Resale Recovery for your help on my claim and so quickly, too. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else I find that has had the same situation happen to them.

Glady Norris